Give Me That: Entitlement Ethics and The Destruction of Private Property

The definition of entitlement is the belief that one is deserving of or entitled to certain special privileges or others property. Much of the narrative in modern Western culture centers around this definition in one way or another. Headlines are riddled with stories of entitlement and in many instances this behavior is being embraced. What […]

Compulsory School Attendance: An Experiment in Cultural Assimilation

For centuries the western world has leveraged compulsory public education and attendance laws to promote cultural assimilation. In many cases the ends are different but the means are always the same, children. The virtue signaling and misguided altruism is nothing more than a mirage to distract from a specific political or social agenda. There is […]

3 Ways Startups Can Promote Innovation in the Trump Era

This story originally appeared in Entrepreneur Dusty Wunderlich  |  Published January 4, 2017 The next four years could mark a golden age for startups if, as he promised during his campaign, President-elect Donald Trump loosens regulations and special-interests influence — and if entrepreneurs hold regulators and policymakers accountable. Related: Trump’s Business-Friendly Economic Agenda When the president-elect declared that he […]