Blockchain — Nevada’s next horizon?

This article originally appeared on Reno Gazette Journal Dusty Wunderlich  –  8:07 p.m. PT July 15, 2016   The state of Nevada is well-positioned for an entrepreneurial renaissance with the convergence of business-friendly regulators and the emergence of blockchain. Proactive legislation could make the state the first in the West to legally recognize blockchain technology […]

How Behavioral Data Can Help Lenders Assess Consumers’ Credit

Published originally on Dusty Wunderlich | Thursday, 09 July 2015 14:35 (EST)   Traditionally speaking, credit reports define consumers. Good credit signals trustworthy borrowers; bad or little credit is defined as too high-risk. But these reports don’t tell the whole story. A once-reliable borrower might become seriously ill, incurring massive medical debt that forces him […]